John F. Chase Receives Westbrook Police Department Good Citizen Award


Over the last two years, the Westbrook Police Department (WPD) has utilized vacant commercial space to train the team's four-legged patrollers. John F. Chase, Owner & CEO of Chase Custom Homes & Finance, has provided vacant building space to allow the officers to train their canine companions and perform critical tactical training. WPD has commended Mr. Chase by presenting him with the "Good Citizen Award."

The vacant properties are located at 511 Bridge Street and 98 E. Bridge Street. Both former memory care and nursing facilities, these multilevel buildings with many rooms, hallways and hideouts offer a great training ground.

"Finding buildings for canine training is very difficult and having two local buildings available was a real boon to our program," said Janine L. Roberts, Chief of Police for the Westbrook Police Department.

Using the vacant space, Officer Ben Hall and his 5-year-old German Shepard K9, Brook (pictured above), hone their skills as a trusted team. The Westbrook PD has also utilized these buildings for various tactical training, developing skills for police officers to respond to active assailant incidents.

"Having access to these types of properties for training has provided real-world environments that have enhanced our officers' skills related to tactical movements and our canine teams' tracking, searching, and detecting skills. It is community partnerships like Mr. Chase's that make a difference in our local communities," said Roberts.

As retired police officer and detective of 18 years, this cause is very close to Mr. Chase. Chase Custom Homes is proud to support WPD!

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